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Founded on 1992 in Hurghada, Egypt, Seafari made it possible for a great number of divers to discover the beauty of the Red Sea treasures.

On 2003, Bruno Brechler joined Seafari and helped Jean and Sylvie establishing Seafari Diving and Snorkeling Cruises. He focused mainly on quality of service and security but Bruno and his team are specialized in knowing how to choose and propose the most beautiful dives on a wide range of well selected diving spots, specially chosen by Bruno who travelled through the Red Sea from Sinai to Sudan.

Bruno supervised the birth of Seafari’s Fleet baby, “The Odyssey”. Top of the line, 40 meters yacht, baptized in the Red Sea on October 2012 and launches its first cruise in Sudan on 2014 with original circuits like “Souakin and Legend” (South) and “Grand South Expedition” (discoveries near the Eritrean borders)

The Seafari team grows up by the arrival of Jean Paul Morales, the Caribbean zone expert who manages the operations on 2011.

Janot Lemaire, Club Med’s historical partner in the Caribbean meets Seafari on 2010 and brings his expertise in cruises management. Jean Paul and Janot both worked in “Centres Club Med By Seafari” to insure high quality standard services, appreciated by all divers discovering or rediscovering the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos underwater wonders.           

Early 2015, Nicolas Viricel with his strong long experience in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, takes the commands of operations in the Maldives to the satisfaction of our guests who appreciates his knowledge and his well-chosen itineraries combining the most beautiful dives of this mystical destination.

On 2016, Club Med solicits Seafari in order to offer scuba diving discovery during Caribbean and Mediterranean cruises on board of its magnificent sailing boat “Club Med 2”. Bruno and Jean Paul dedicates their efforts to this new adventure.

Seafari continues its continuous development adopting several projects that we aim to accomplish during coming years.

We care to bring together quality service, high security measurements as well as cozy and friendly ambiance. In other words: to share the experience with you, like we love to… to discover the last frontier of our beautiful planet… the richness of a marine life whose beauty, diversity and majesty feeds the passion that drives us: travel, sea and diving.


Bruno Brechler

Bruno Brechler


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Jean Hénon

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Seafari maintains strong relationship with many partners. Whether they are Nonprofit Organisations, environmental preservation associations or diving specialised insurance companies, they all contribute in their own field, improving your dive experience.

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