An idyllic setting for exceptional dives

Jewel of the Indian Ocean

In the Maldives the sea is a princess with a thousand shades of turquoise. This sea organizes the life of the people according to the fishing and swimming hours.

Sensational dives!

Embark on our luxurious boats and discover the abundance and then diversity of an underwater life that makes the Maldives a destination in the top 5 destination to do and redo.

The total protection of sharks and rays combined with the prohibition of spearfishing offers you a unique opportunity to admire, among other things, manta rays and reef sharks as well as the mythical whale shark, by day and by night!

A safe destination!

Tourists agressions are an unknown concept, and thiefs are very rare . The sanitary conditions are good and if this country suffers from the youth of its democracy, the overall stability of the country is excellent thanks to tourism.


They dive with us

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Yves Lefèvre

Patrick Masse


Seafari maintains strong relationship with many partners. Whether they are Nonprofit Organisations, environmental preservation associations or diving specialised insurance companies, they all contribute in their own field, improving your dive experience.

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